Graduates should stay involved at BU


Baker University is seeing many momentous changes coming its way that affect both its graduates and its students.

A common misconception is that once the diploma is in-hand, graduates can leave and forget about their alma mater for good. But alumni relations are an important support system for many universities.

A diploma is an investment, and the equity of it grows by the betterment of the graduates’ alma mater. In addition to school loyalty, the more notoriety and honor their institution receives, the better their diploma looks in the long run.

Especially in a time of change, like now for Baker, it is important for these alumni to be involved in the process of deciding on new faculty and staff members.

Alumni are allies in support for Baker’s mission, they are advocates for the betterment of the school and they are advisers for current and prospective students.

Alumni are the spokespeople for Baker. They are a tangible extension of the university, and they are responsible for knowing what is happening at this institution. They know first-hand what it is like to attend the school and graduate from it, which makes them the best possible resource to potential students.

Having them involved in recruitment, as well as other processes for the school, makes them not only a part of our past, but our future as well.

By keeping in touch with Baker, they are ensuring that they have a chance to give feedback and express their feelings toward events that not only affect those in the Baker community, but all alumni as well.

We are proud of so many of our alumni, and their strong relationship with our school is something we honor and respect. We look up to these people who show us what can be done with what we are given, and in this sense, they are more than just alumni, they are mentors.

Staying in the know about their university is just one way alumni can give back to their alma mater. Just by being involved, even in the littlest ways possible, alumni are bettering themselves and their university. These strong relationships should be desired and nurtured.