Exhibit illustrates story of the Bible

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Exhibit illustrates story of the Bible

Story by Taylor Shuck, Editor

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Open through July 2014, the Quayle Bible Collection exhibit “Illuminating the Bible: Woodcuts and Engravings” tells the story of the Bible through illustrations.

“We are trying to raise students’ awareness of the collection just as a sort of museum piece or infotainment,” Director of Library Services Kay Bradt said. “There’s not much of a point of having a bunch of wonderful Bibles if no one sees them.”

Martin Luther first used illustrations in his translation of the Bible as a teaching tool to show people what the stories were about. Brandt calls the cuts and engravings “captivating” and “memorable.”

The exhibit, which includes hymns of Charles and John Wesley, gold leafing and even doodles, is primarily work from the 16th-18th century.

The cuts and engravings are organized by the stories that they tell, from the creation to plagues, in order to see the different ways people throughout time have told the same stories.

“I think that (the Bible’s) connection to (students’) faith is something that will appeal to a number of students,” Bradt said. “I think it could be very important to them to get that sense of connection of their faith with that of Martin Luther and to be able to see how he believes.”

To arrange a tour of the exhibit, email [email protected]