Comic and gaming store opens downtown


Story by Sarah Baker, Editor

Gabriel Dorsey saw that, like himself, a lot of people in the community were interested in gaming and comics, so he opened Bulldog Games and Comics this summer in downtown Baldwin City.

“I really felt that [with] my passion for gaming and comic books and basically really fun stuff,” Dorsey said. “I could do a better job serving the people with those types of interests in the community.”

Dorsey, a graphic designer, and his wife moved to Baldwin City about eight years ago from Lawrence. Dorsey thought Baldwin City would be a good place for a store so that it could serve surrounding towns and be a more efficient option for people who have been traveling for games and comics.

“[The purpose of the store is to] bring a little bit of something that you would normally find in Lawrence or a major metropolitan area, and bring it here, because we can get anything that those stores can get,” Dorsey said.

After opening the store, Dorsey realized there were more people in the community interested in gaming, science fiction and comics than he initially thought.

“I’ve been introduced to so many people that have those same types of interests that didn’t know other people with those interest lived in town,” Dorsey said. “So in a way it feels like, even though we’ve only been open a month, we are doing a service, in terms of not just providing products to people, but also providing a way for people to kind of gather around interests [and] finding other people, even within such a small community.”

A month after initially opening, Bulldog Games and Comics will host a ribbon cutting Aug. 28 from 5 to 8 p.m.

“We will have quite a few people here from the comic community,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey added that there will be a few comic book writers and illustrators present, including a writer from the Thor comics. Ande Parks, a local writer of the graphic novel Capote in Kansas, will also be in attendance.

After a good response from the Baldwin City community, Dorsey said he is anxious to see the response will be from Baker students returning to Baldwin City this fall.