Grocery Bingo stocks students’ fridges


Story by Spencer Brown and Abigale Roorda

Baker students won $300 worth of groceries from the Student Activities Council’s Grocery Bingo event on Sept. 16 in Mabee Gymnasium. Sophomore Jordan Buscher enjoyed the event, saying she would definitely attend again.

Buscher, who said she never wins anything, was one of the 19 total student winners, winning both a four-corners round and the final blackout round.

Not having been to the event before, Buscher decided to go because her friends encouraged her.

“You get a chance at free food,” Buscher said, “And every college student wants a chance at free food.”

The event was set up for 20 winners. In each of the 10 rounds, two student winners were crowned and given a paper sack full of groceries. Winners of the first nine rounds were not eligible to win again until the final blackout round. Buscher was the only student to win two grocery sacks.

“I liked the competitiveness,” she said. “I’m really competitive.”

Inside each paper sack was a variety of grocery items. From macaroni and cheese to chips and even soda, the winners were each given around $15 worth of groceries.

“I’m still giving some to my friends because there’s so much in them,” Buscher said.

About 110 people attended the event, Randy Flowers, staff adviser for SAC, said.

“That’s another successful event,” Flowers said.

Although happy about the turnout, Flowers said the day of the week and “vibe on campus” actually brought down the event’s overall attendance, saying he would have preferred to have more.

Flowers brought the bingo event to the university three years ago after trying it at another school.

“We’re always trying to bring new events,” Flowers said. “Ones that students enjoy and ones that they have fun doing.”

In the past, Grocery Bingo has provided students with the opportunity to win bigger prizes such as gift cards and digital cameras. Now, the prizes have to be under $25.

“The university finance office made that decision due to common practices,” Flower said.

Recreation Committee Coordinator Amanda Conrade planned the bingo event.

“I love Grocery Bingo,” Conrade said. “It’s a fun environment to watch and be a part of.”

She added that competition can be part of the fun.

“I thought it went great,” Conrade said. “Some people don’t like it because they don’t win a bag, but I like that it creates a friendly rivalry.”

SAC, a self-governed group, was formerly a part of Student Senate. Now, the organization plans campus activities for each semester.

“The organization has definitely grown to a whole other level,” Flowers said. “And that’s on no more money.”

SAC tries to do at least one bingo event per semester. The organization is still thinking about adding other bingo themes, Conrade said.

The next SAC event will be the Sporting KC soccer game at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 26 at Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kansas.