Homecoming format brings mixed reactions


Story by Levi Blaylock, Writer

As Homecoming events wrapped up last week, students expressed mixed reactions to the new format implemented this year.

Homecoming teams were split by class instead of grouping fraternities, sororities and other campus organizations.

Director of Student Life Randy Flowers said the class competitions are intended to build a greater sense of community for Homecoming.

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Two years ago, teams were formed by pairing fraternity and sorority houses, and independents also competed on a team. Last year, student organizations were allowed to form teams as well.

“Only 35 percent of the university is in Greek life, which means that 65 percent of the university were not really involved in Homecoming activities,” Flowers said.

Making the transition to creating teams based on class was put in motion in March. Flowers reached out to student organizations, Student Senate and Greek houses about the possible change and said he didn’t receive any negative feedback.

“I think a lot of people didn’t go to their peers, because we didn’t have one person opposed to the process from everyone we reached out to,” Flowers said.

Flowers’s theory about the lack of communication among the student body rang true when senior Ryan Good, who is a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity, discussed Homecoming.

“On Monday before serenades, I was asking what sorority we were paired with this year when I heard for the first time that the format was completely different,” Good said.

Flowers said the changes this year have increased the number of people participating in Homecoming events. However, the attendance of student-spectators at these events has decreased.

“The process upset a lot of people so our attendance at the events have not been as well,” Flowers said.

Seniors such as Good have been disappointed that they have not had the chance to experience the old format of Homecoming week for the last time.

“I feel like the changes made to Homecoming this year was a step back for the university and Greek life alike,” Good said.

Good attended and participated in almost every Homecoming week event prior to this year. When asked about being paired with his classmates rather than his fraternity brothers, Good was not interested in the idea.

“I am friends with the guys in my house, not as much the people in my class,” Good said. “I feel like it took the competitive aspect out of things.”

Flowers is in the process of coming up with incentives for future Homecoming competitions that could boost attendance, such as a $500 cash prize to the winning class.

“If there was a cash prize to the winning class,” freshman Luke Taylor said. “I feel like that would make me want to attend the events.”