Fangirl forgoes homework for Netflix

Story by Forrest Young, Writer

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Salt all the doors and windows first so that way the demons can’t get in, and then place devils traps on the door and floor. Hide the one on the floor because the demons look there.

Freshman Annie Ikenberry, a fan of the CW television show Supernatural, describes how to prevent demons from getting in a house.

Ikenberry is the ultimate "fangirl" on Baker’s campus. defines a fangirl to be an “obsessive female fan, especially of something technological or from popular culture.” Ikenberry falls under this definition quite easily: She is openly obsessed with a multitude of television shows, including The Flash, Supernatural, Arrow, Sherlock and Doctor Who.

When asked how often she watches her shows, her answer made her “hang her head in shame.”

“A lot. Every chance I get really. I started a new show a few weeks ago and I’m already on season five in it,” Ikenberry said.

If it was up to Ikenberry, her dorm room would be full of posters and decorations of her favorite series. But Ikenberry says her suite mate is not a fan of the “nerdy” stuff she likes, so she is limited to just a Teen Wolf poster above her bed. Her room at home, though, is a different story.

"In my room at home though I have a whiteboard that is decorated for Game of Thrones,” Ikenberry said. “…There’s a Doctor Who calender, and a Sonic screwdriver … I have a bat mobile hanging up! I made a Batman one in jewelry once it has this little bat symbol on it. Super snazzy, I made it myself so it hangs up in a proud spot in my room. Thats all that I’m willing to say… there’s a bunch of twilight stuff from long ago. I choose not to remember those times.”

Although she chooses to forget about her fangirling over the Twilight series, she says it was the show that “started it all.” When she went to the midnight premier for the first movie, the atmosphere of the event really turned her on to the idea of being a fangirl.

“It was a bunch of fans getting together. I think thats what made it so much fun because everybody was there because they wanted to see the movie the second it came out,” Ikenberry said. “I continued to go to the midnight premieres for all those movies. Then I realized that there were fandoms for tv shows and books, all the fun stuff. So I got more into that. It’s really easy to get so involved with it when your on social media. It makes it a lot easier to freak out with people who understand.”

Ikenberry said she uses various forms of social media to further her fandom, especially Tumblr. Her friends are very aware of her fandom; freshman Lexi Loya is a friend of Ikenberry who occasionally watches television shows with her.

“Annie gets completely absorbed in the world of whatever show she’s watching and she’ll rant at me about them at all times of the day,” Loya said.

Loya says Ikenberry is very much like herself: funny and sarcastic, but “way nerdier. She’s a fangirl.”

Ikenberry is definitely a fan of Supernatural, a story about two brothers (Sam and Dean) fighting angels, demons and werewolves, among other creatures. The show is mostly serious, but also has its goofy moments.

“My favorite Supernatural episode is in season four and it’s ‘Yellow Fever,’” Ikenberry said. “It’s that episode where Dean gets ghost sickness and he lays in the Impala and he’s playing the drums to ‘Eye of the Tiger.’”

Ikenberry met Sylvester McCoy, who was the seventh doctor in Doctor Who, at Planet Comicon, a pop culture and comic book convention held in Kansas City. The convention, which is the largest in the area, had to be moved from Overland Park to Bartle Hall in Kansas City after a rapid influx of attendees and promotion came for the event.

“He was like ‘I’ll sign these for you,’ and I was like ‘You’re adorable,’” Ikenberry said. “But I just got a picture of him with my friend.”

She went into the convention thinking she was going to be the nerdiest of the nerds, but when Ikenberry attended Planet Comicon, she realized she had a lot of room to grow.

“I say that because I aim to be the people who are like that they are so cool,” Ikenberry said.” At least I think they’re cool. I wanted to go and see it for myself and it was packed. It was just a nice place to go because nobody was going to judge you there because around the corner there was some dude weirder than you it was just awesome. Even though it was really crowded and a big place you still felt really comfortable because everybody was exactly the same, but totally different.”

Ikenberry doesn’t plan on stopping her fangirl habits anytime soon.

“If I have a day all to myself I choose a show to rewatch or movies,” she said. “I have a marathon of some sort. (If that day was tomorrow) I would watch American Horror Story, because I need to get caught up.”