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Pumpkin spice mania reaches end of season

Story by Heidi Jo Hayen, Writer

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It is 9:20 a.m. and the line at the Daily Grind is growing. Fall is the season of everything pumpkin spice, and students, faculty and staff are following suit.

Many order a Pumpkin Spice Latte, a popular drink at Starbucks and other shops that brew Starbucks coffee. The chain has offered the trademarked “PSL” since 2004, but only during the fall months.

Because of this, fall has become a season where customers feel the need to stock up on pumpkin spice options while available.

Three Baker students are campus examples of people who love almost anything with pumpkin spice in it. Freshman Rachel Lund and sophomores Samantha Mills and Andrew Dare all say they like the pumpkin spice flavor and think it will remain popular.

“The weirdest thing I’ve ever tried was a pumpkin spice sucker,” Lund said. “It was so gross despite the fact that I like pumpkin spice.”

Plenty of odd pumpkin spice flavored foods have been produced this fall. The website Total Sorority Move made a list called “The 29 Most Ridiculous Pumpkin Spice Products We’ve Seen This Year” that includes foods such as pumpkin spice vodka, chewing gum and Pringles.

One debate over the pumpkin spice trend is when it should start and stop each year.

“I think it should start in the end of September and go through the end of January,” Mills said. “It shouldn’t be all year-round, because it’s a special occasion many others and myself look forward to each year.”

Dare had a similar viewpoint.

“It should start on the first of October and end when the fall season officially ends,” Dare said.

Grocery stores typically follow similar guidelines and take most of the pumpkin spice items off shelves after the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Target store in Lawrence has a pumpkin spice display at the end of the baking aisle in the grocery section. In the display a customer can find the typical pumpkin bread, but there are also items like pumpkin pie bars and pumpkin cupcake mix.

The Baldwin City Market currently does not have any pumpkin spice displays, but it does have some foods that many might find original. On the end of one aisle, customers can find pumpkin spice cheesecake cookies.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte will disappear with the rest of the seasonal flavors at The Daily Grind after the holidays are over, but for now pumpkin-flavor enthusiasts at Baker should get them while they still can.