Royally ready

Story by Jim Joyner, Sports Editor

One year ago I wrote about believing in the Kansas City Royals. We were going into the final month of the regular season and the doubters were still in existence. Now here we sit plowing into the final month of the greatest season in franchise history. Is there any doubt anymore? Is there anybody who doesn’t believe that the Royals are going to win the World Series?

As of Aug. 30 I have missed one game this season (they lost, of course). 129 times I have sat down to watch, listen to or attend games for the Royals in these past five months. Sometimes people ask if it gets old for me to spend almost every day for seven months with my attention on a baseball team. The answer is no.

This whole season has been an extension of last October. It’s been purely joy. There has been this belief instilled in me that everything is going to be all right with the Royals. Whether Alex Rios can’t hit the ball out of the infield, Alex Gordon strains a groin or Yordano Ventura throws a temper tantrum, it’s all going to be OK.

I still take every game very seriously. I love to have fun on Royals Twitter and follow along on fan blogs like Royals Review. There are some people that take things too seriously and don’t see the big picture. Sure Johnny Cueto gives up three home runs against Baltimore. Sure Mike Moustakas may go into a slump or Alcides Escobar may swing at the first pitch of every at bat. If you can’t see the big picture with this team than you’re watching a completely different game than I am.

Get excited and remember the wins but have a short-term memory with the losses. This is not only a great way to watch the games as a fan but also an even better attitude to have as a player. Every game is a pleasure and an honor to watch this season. Before every game I think about how seasons like this don’t happen very often, and so I watch every game with nothing but admiration.

This team has shown consistency, has gone out and made the important trades for Cueto and Ben Zobrist and has proven itself to be the best team in the American League from day one.

Fasten your seat belts and enjoy this last month before the wild ride of October begins. The best part about is that we’ve been there before. We’ve lived through the agony and jubilation of the Wild Card game, we’ve experienced eight straight playoff wins and now we know the pain of losing it all just 90-feet away from home.

This team is ready to take the crown. This city is ready to be champions, again.

Do you have any doubt?

I don’t.