Students plan to take advantage of spring break

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Students plan to take advantage of spring break

Story by Heidi Jo Hayden, Writer

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Midterms are a time dreaded by all students, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Spring break will be a chance for students to get away from Baldwin City to relieve the stress built up thus far in the semester. This year, spring break is from Monday, March 14, through Friday, March 18.

While some students go home for the week, others take advantage of the opportunity to travel out of state. Typically, spring break destinations are warm, beach locations. That theme seems to be ringing true for Baker students this year.

Junior Rebecca Simkins will be making a trip along with her boyfriend, junior Tyler Randall, and other friends to South Padre Island.

“I’m just excited to have a carefree week on the beach,” Simkins said.

She plans take advantage of the opportunity to suntan. Simkins said her group will most likely spend their days on the beach and enjoy multiple opportunities to attend concerts as well.

“I’m most looking forward to just getting away from school for a bit, relaxing with my boyfriend and other friends, and getting tan,” Simkins said.

The group Simkins is traveling with is taking full advantage of the time off. They leave March 13, and are due to return March 19.

Another Baker student traveling to a warm-weathered location for spring break is junior Hayden Jenkins. Along with 10 members of his pledge class in Delta Tau Delta fraternity, Jenkins plans to visit Gulf Shores, Alabama.

“We will be close to the beach and nightlife, so we will have plenty of options as to how to spend our time once we make it there,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins and his friends are waiting to make specific plans until they arrive in Alabama.

“I’m looking forward to not having to worry about school and making some more memories with my pledge brothers,” Jenkins said.

This will be the first spring break trip for both Simkins and Jenkins, so both of them look forward to their adventures.

While some students go on trips to have a carefree week, others take advantage of the free week to get things done. Sophomore Brittany Crittenden is headed to Kentucky. Crittenden and a few other women are making the trip to help plan a wedding. Two of her friends are tying the knot in June.

“We are going to help taste cakes and look at the chapel,” Crittenden said.

Crittenden normally takes advantage of the break to visit home in California, but she is glad to be spending time with her friends this year.

While a few BU students may use spring break to get ahead on classwork, others clearly take advantage of the opportunity to travel.