Movie Review: Mother’s Day

Story by Claire Sullivan, Writer

Mother’s Day features several high-profile women, including Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and Brit Robertson. Other actors include Jason Sudeikis and Timothy Olyphant and a brief appearance of Shay Mitchell.

Despite all of that star power, Mother’s Day was a box-office disappointment for its opening weekend. According to IMDB, the movie made only $8.3 million.

Mother’s Day follows three separate, but connected, families the week before Mother’s Day. This movie is a drama and a comedy rolled into one, with several humorous scenes.

Within the movie there are several subplots that distract from the main plot. For one, Sandy, played by Jennifer Aniston, is a divorced mother of two children and falls in love with a widower, played by Jason Sudeikis, with two children of his own. Another subplot involves Kristen, played by Brit Robertson, who is looking for her biological mother, played by Julia Roberts.

Mother’s Day does an OK job of showing what mothers do and what they sacrifice for their children. It features many different types of mothers, including a widowed father, a divorced mother of two, a lesbian couple and a woman who gave up her child for adoption.

It was a great idea that the director, Kirk Jones, included all types of relationships among children and their mothers, especially the relationship of a widowed father acting like a mother for his children.

Because of the distracting subplots, though, the main message of the movie is sometimes lost or unclear.