The semester before: my expectations of Harlaxton

Story by Claire Sullivan, Writer

I am going to study abroad next semester at Harlaxton College in England. I have never been out of the country before – I haven’t even traveled on my own.

I am really excited to study in a different country and leave America. There is a lot that I am hoping to do while I am abroad. I am hoping that I will be able to go to London, Cambridge, Northumberland, Ireland, York, Bath and Stonehenge, Oxford, Paris and Italy.

I want participate in the Adopt-a-Family program. I think it will be a really cool and I hope I will get to meet a British family so I could learn more about their culture and customs. Plus, I would have more experiences with it than without it.

I also want to try new foods that are not offered in the United States and learn all about the different customs. I want to be able to find souvenirs from each place that I visit that are unique. The memories that I make, I hope, will last a lifetime. I also hope that I will learn a lot about myself, different cultures and customs and what is out in the world.

I may pick up a little bit of the different countries languages from visiting them. I will probably come home with a British accent or use the British terms and phrases for items.

I am hoping that I will make new friends from different countries. I will probably get closer to the other Baker students that are going to Harlaxton at the same time.

I am expecting that I will miss my family, my home, the type of food that is served in America and my friends. I am expecting that it will take me a bit to get used to the new time zone and the culture.

Also, English culture is different than American culture. I expect that I may not want to go back home. I know I will miss my friends and wish that they were in England with me and that they could experience it with me.

I know I will be sad that I am missing out on spending the last semester with one of my friends who will be graduating this year. I know I will get lost a lot.

I will probably learn all about the different countries for their customs and their cultures learn more about myself, grow mentally and academically. I will probably dress with European styles.

I think I will have a better understanding of what is like out in the world and what other countries are like. I am expecting that I will make new friends and will probably want to go back to Europe.

I am very excited to go on my study abroad experience for many reasons. I know that I will