Downtown café provides a cozy hangout


Chad Phillips

Mike Langrehr has owned the local Daylight Espresso Café since 2008 at 715 Eighth St. in downtown Baldwin City. Image by Chad Phillips.

Story by Emma Grossner

Eighth Street is home to many Baldwin City essentials. The weathered and worn brick streets lead to several prominent restaurants where students are usually dining. Whether one is craving a classic Chinese buffet, warm chips and queso, or a fresh cinnamon roll from a newly opened bakery, there seems to be a treat for every craving.

Sometimes hidden among those larger restaurants, the Daylight Espresso Café is a small-town treasure, offering donuts, old-school classics such as biscuits and gravy, and a wide variety of caffeinated beverages.

The Daylight Espresso Cafe was established in 2008. The cafe is owned and run by Micheal Langrehr, who believes that coffee is much more than just a beverage.

His daughter Katie Langrehr, who is a sophomore at Emporia State University, said that coffee has been a foundation for her family.

“I have seen my grandma drink coffee ever since I can remember. She has always had a black cup of coffee in her hand whether it be 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon. It was just something we all grew up around, and even began to like at a young age,” Katie said. “We were all able to enjoy it together as something simple to do, and it was a great conversation starter. We were raised on the value that as long as you have a cup of coffee in your hand, the topics are endless.”

Some customers seem to have made the café their second home, especially in the mornings. The café is decorated with wooden furnishings and greenery that provide a cheerful atmosphere.

“We love serving coffee to the community,” Micheal Langrehr said. “It really is a family affair. My whole family contributes to the coffee shop. They sheerly do it out of enjoyment, which is quite special. My mother and daughters have a huge part in the cafe structure and environment.”

Community members aren’t the only ones who feel at home within the cozy brick walls.

“ I think many Baker students benefit from the coffee shop because it is a great place to meet with friends, work on homework, or study,” BU senior Elizabeth Arnold said. “The free wifi makes it such a convenient place to get things done while grabbing a great coffee or snack.”

Arnold believes that the overall environment is what makes the coffee shop so special.

“What it may lack in size it makes up for in charm,” Arnold said. .

Customers are important to the cafe owners. However, the spelling and pronunciation of customer’s names may not always be simple.

“I remember last year, my sister called out a customer’s name in hopes to give him his coffee. She totally butchered the pronunciation of his name, we felt so bad afterwards,” Katie Langrehr said. “To this day we still bring up that story, but continue to feel awful for pronouncing it so terrible.”

If new customers are stumped on what to order from the extensive menu, customers can provide suggestions.

“Their house coffee is a classic and my favorite,” Arnold said.

Customers usually find their own signature item, be it through taste or a particular heartwarming memory.

“The donuts, of course, are quite popular, and the mochas are always a favorite,” Katie Langrehr said. “As well, my grandma and I used to always save the jelly-filled donuts for ourselves. If there were any left by the afternoon time, we would eat them together. I looked forward to that tradition every day when I got home from school.”

Although it may seem hidden among the more prominent neighboring restaurants, the Daylight Espresso Café combines a comfortable atmosphere with homemade beverages and food.