BU marketing ‘gifs’ humor to social media


Maria Echeverry

Graphic by Maria Echeverry.

Story by Spencer Brown, Assistant News Editor

Search for Baker University on Twitter, and you’ll see something you probably would not have seen only a few short years ago: gifs. Of course, with any use of social media today, it’s all about engaging followers, and Baker is doing just that. Retweet after retweet, the marketing department continues to step up its game, promoting the enjoyable campus atmosphere.

What ultimate impact does this have on students? According to a recent study outlined by the Journalist’s Resource a recent study outlined by the Journalist’s Resource and published in Computers in Human Behavior in December 2016, “brand loyalty … seems to be connected to students’ desires to continue their studies at the same university, even in the face of academic difficulties.”

It’s a small sample size because the study looked at only the Facebook use of 206 students at Eastern Mediterranean University; however, social media platforms seem to give colleges a chance to establish brand loyalty and connect with the student body. Baker utilizes Twitter and Facebook as well as other popular platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.

From representing current students to creating immediate connections with potential students, Baker’s social media presence demonstrates its ability to continue keeping students engaged. Whether it be through celebrating their successes or encouraging current students when they’re down, the university’s social media platforms create relationships that will last for years to come.

And it doesn’t stop there.

With each share on Facebook and retweet on Twitter, the university is able to find a further connection with the BU community. From family members of current students to well-connected alumni, social media platforms reach far beyond the campus itself.

Continuing the appropriate and effective use of social media is more important now than ever before. As long as the university continues to stay up-to-date on its social media strategies, it will be able to build on retention and create a deeper love for the university.

Social media posts can inspire students to better themselves socially and academically. The Journalist’s Resource suggests “there is a relationship between students’ loyalty to a school’s brand and their willingness to recommend the school to others, share good experiences with friends and participate in school activities.”

After all, who doesn’t love a like from the top-ranked private university in Kansas?