DIY: Pop Tart Box to Pencil Box

Story by Abigaile Roorda, Writer

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What You Need:

  • Pop Tart Box
  • Scissors
  • Paper (Plain or colored)
  • Markers, Colored Pencils, or Pictures
  • Tape
  • Glue (Optional)

Pop Tart Box to Pencil Box

  1. Cut the flaps off the top of the Pop Tart box with the scissors.
  2. Wrap the paper around the sides of the box. Cut the paper to where there’s about an inch excess on the top and bottom.
  3. Tape the paper to the box.
  4. Using Markers or Colored Pencils, color with desired patterns. Or use the glue to paste pictures around the paper.
  5. Use to hold pens, pencils or other desired materials.