Cheat Codes helps support fraternity’s philanthropy

Story by Lily Stephens, Multimedia Editor

The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) group Cheat Codes played at the Lawrence nightclub The Cave on Nov. 16. The men of Delta Tau Delta planned the philanthropy event to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Students from Baker and the University of Kansas were invited to buy $15 tickets to support.

Sophomore Brett Elifritz’s brother, Matthew Russell, is part of the DJ trio. Elifritz reached out to Russell and organized the event. 

One of the group’s most popular songs is a collaboration with Demi Lovato titled “No Promises.” The track currently has more than 290 million plays on Spotify. The band’s most popular remix “Sex” has more than 450 million plays.

The group has three members: Trevor Dahl, KEVI and Russell. While all of them sang during the show, Dahl led most of the songs.

All three group members are classified as DJs. Before embarking on its own tour, Cheat Codes was an opening act on The Chainsmokers’ most recent tour. The group has its own original music, but the concert was mostly remixes and covers of songs requested by Baker students.

Junior Caringtyn Julian was able to collect and send some of her and her peers’ suggestions to Elifritz who then relayed them to the band. Julian said she enjoyed the concert and was excited Elifritz “used his connections for good” in the form of a philanthropy event.

Junior Sam Mitchell said she heard about the event from a few members of Delta Tau Delta.

“I really enjoyed the concert,” Mitchell said. “I go to concerts in that genre anyway for fun so it was super awesome to know my money was going to a philanthropy.”

The event provided a fun and unique way to support a philanthropy. Elifritz was able to get the production and travel expenses for the group paid for so that the show could be 100 percent nonprofit. He said that Delta Tau Delta had never planned an event of this size, but in the end, it was worth all the work.

“Everyone I’ve heard from says that they thought the show was awesome and one of the best concerts they’ve ever been to,” Elifritz said. “So I assume that they liked it.”

There will be a discussion between Elifritz and Russell about the event returning, and Elifritz said he “will definitely try.”