Burst the Baker Bubble

Story by Baker Orange Editorial Board

We all have roots from different places, and that’s pretty obvious when you take a look at all the people who make up the demographics of the United States. This country observes many unique cultural differences and therefore it is necessary for students, including Baker students, to be culturally appreciative.

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the significance that the United States is a mix of so many unique and amazing cultures, especially in society today, because most of us are so accustomed to being around people who celebrate different cultures.

However, there are many people who do not see being culturally appreciative as a priority. Yet Baker University provides many opportunities for students to become more culturally aware and active by participating in cultural events.

A week in the month of November was dedicated to the regard the school has for study-abroad programs. This week is important in discussing how students can immerse themselves in other cultures and explore a unique part of the world.

The Department of Humanities puts on movie nights where showing films in various languages including Spanish, French and German are shown. These events are offered throughout the semester and provide opportunities for some students to learn more about other cultures.

Some cultural events are required of students who have majors based out of the Department of Humanities. For example, last month Spanish students were given the chance to go see the resident of Colombia speak in Lawrence.

These experiences are not limited to foreign language students. There are other ways to get involved in Kansas City and Lawrence.

Even if going to these events, in general, isn’t appealing, simply being appreciative of the other cultures is essential.

Simple things like downloading a podcast, reading the news or just skimming the news help a person learn more about the world around us.

The purpose of news is to spread the truth to the public and inform them of things that they might not know about. While it isn’t always apparent at first, global news affects the United States and is crucial for us to pay attention to.

Many young people today use Twitter as their news source, which is a good way to know the happenings going on in the world at a superficial level. Although, the need for more students to know politics, world news and other noteworthy events is strong.

Baker students make their own opportunities to understand other cultures by keeping up with the news as a personal choice.

When people, especially students who are just beginning to understand the ways of the world, are unaware of the news they are unable to form their own opinions about topics going on worldwide.

We, as the future of our nation, must take it upon ourselves to be knowledgeable about the events happening in the world and be appreciative of different cultures.

Our differences make us stronger and learning about those distinctions is essential to understanding those around us. Students should take it upon themselves to learn how to appreciate other cultures by reading or watching U.S. and world news.

Not all of us want to spend our Wednesday nights sitting in the Owens AV room watching a foreign film. Regardless of what the university offers students, there are always opportunities to discover other cultures.