Conversation reveals Greek life truths


Sydney Boaz

Multimedia Editor Lily Stephens interviews the Assistant Director of Student Life Josh Doak during a podcast that focuses on Greek life at Baker.

Story by Lily Stephens, Multimedia Editor

This semester I decided to start a podcast project last that dives into the world of Greek life. While I am involved in a sorority, the reality is everyone has questions. I made sure to mention in a little disclaimer during the beginning of the first episode that I am indeed a member of Delta Delta Delta and honestly that is one of the reasons I have so many questions. I am hoping to create a conversation, hence the name of the show, Candid Campus Conversation. 

My first guest was Assistant Director of Student Life Josh Doak. Doak is advisor for Inter Fraternity Counsel and Panhellenic Counsel, the bodies that govern Greek life at Baker. In the podcast interview Doak goes into detail about what exactly these organizations do. This is one of points that is fundamental to understand before going into a wider discussion about Greek life. Doak wants students to understand that these bodies can help them accomplish things campus wide.  

“The amazing part about fraternity and sorority life is that it is student ran so any policies can be changed because though IFC and Panhellenic everybody has their voice,” Doak said. 

The episode also goes through why fraternity and sorority recruitment differ. Sorority recruitment is very structured and follows a set of rules all of sorority life around the country follows. The process is conducted very specifically and is values based. Values based means that a woman is selected for the values she holds, rather than anything superficial. Sorority recruitment also requires potential new members to register with the universities data base and the women must visit every house, every round, they are invited to. 

Fraternity recruitment differ because there are no formal nation-wide rules that govern the process. Baker only requires that the men going through attend every house during house tours. There are no other structural rules that are provided. Doak does hope that in the future fraternity recruitment more closely resembles sorority recruitment in the coming years. 

Diverging from the world of recruitment Doak and I discuss probation and parties. Baker’s policy on “open parties” was more seriously. Technically, open parties are not allowed by any fraternity by-laws or by the Baker University IFC by-laws. Doak has enforced the policies through IFC and each fraternity must register their parties and provide an official guest list. 

The conversation continues into other areas, topics and into an audience question and answers section. Listen to the full podcast episode through the Soundcloud link below.