Sports Administration Club: Student Organization


Skylar Grinnell, President of SA Club is excited for a new year for the club.

Story by Kerrigan Hartzell, Staff Writer

Students hoping to work with professional athletes and professional sports teams, listen up. Baker’s Sports Administration club begins meeting Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. in Mabee Hall room 101. 

Meetings are open to current and prospective sports administration majors as well as those with an interest in sports administration who may not be majoring in it. 

“We’re still in the works of planning some events for our current and prospective members,” Junior Skylar Grinnell said, the president of sports administration club. “We talk a lot about job opportunities and growth within our intended field and it’s a great way to learn about things that are going on in the sports administration field.” 

Members of Sports Administration Club are able to go out and experience sporting events from behind the scenes, giving them a real world look into what they hope to do with their future.  

Chair of Recruitment Junior Grant Roesner hopes for the club to have a future in sports event planning. “Sports Administration Club is a great way to find internships,” Roesner said, “by meeting alumni, we can talk to them and see, sort of, what they did when they were my age and how they climbed the latter to get to where they are today.” 

Sports Administration Club allows its members to have hands on experiences through volunteer work to internships. Last year members of the club worked the March Madness tournament as well as various Chiefs Football games and Sporting Kansas City Soccer events.  

Martin Radosevic, senior sports administration major and officer of Sports Administration Club, is optimistic about what the 2019-2020 school year holds for the club.  

“This is my first year being an officer, but I am excited to help lead our club and work with our club members to make this year a success,” Radosevic said. 

Although Sports Administration Club does not currently have an official faculty advisor due to changes in the Sports Administration program, Sports Administration Professor Ron Christian and adjunct Professor Marcus Dudley are both active within the club.  

All are welcome and encouraged to attend club meetings and join Sports Administration club.

“My favorite thing about Sports Administration club is the fact that I get to help others within our club with finding potential internships, volunteer opportunities and so much more that could lead to future careers,” Grinnell said.