Underrated shows on Netflix

Story by Will Hanson, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Netflix is constantly releasing original television shows, with many of them becoming extremely successful. These shows are talked about on twitter to such a degree that one would have to delete all of their social media to avoid being pressured into watching them.

While Netflix has created uber-successful shows such as “Stranger Things” and “The Haunting of Hill House,” Netflix has created many shows that are not big hits.

While they are not huge hits, many of these shows are equally as good and entertaining as Netflix’s mega-hits. I have compiled a list of four Netflix original shows that may not get all the love but are worth checking out.


“Disenchantment” is strange, so strange that it may easily turn off the casual viewer in the first episode or two. Stick with the show, the comedy present may be strange and off-kilter, but it is worth watching.

The characters are extremely well-voiced, with each one being as great as the next. Every character is recognizable with their own crazy traits and personalities.                        

When a show has a cat-sized demon pet, named Luci (short for Lucifer), it is worth the watch. Fans of “The Simpsons” will enjoy the endless medieval and juvenile humor. 


Fans of “American Horror Story” will find enjoyment in this horror-anthology series from Canada. Where “American Horror Story” changes each season to a new horror theme with the same cast, “Slasher” takes this formula and narrows it down to each season focusing on groups of people being hunted by various killers.

The first season can be easily skipped, as the quality of the second and third seasons are far superior in terms of characters and overall acting. The second season titled “Guilty Party,” is by far the best of the three and follows a group of former camp counselors being stalked by someone five years after they murder a friend.

It is a travesty that this excellent, well-written show is poorly publicized by Netflix it takes searching to find it, as it will rarely appear on home page.

If you have already seen “American Horror Story” and want to binge something spooky, “Slasher” is worth checking out.               


 Disappointed by the lack of true horror in “Stranger Things?” German program, “Dark” shares a similar set-up and mood to “Stranger Things” but exists in a darker, scarier world with much higher stakes.

The program is entirely in German which could turn off casual viewers but viewing the show in German with subtitles is the proper way to experience the story of the town of Winden.

“Dark” may be more a commitment that other shows on Netflix, but the fantastic atmosphere, acting and music make it more than worth someone’s time.

With the second season dropping over the summer, Netflix has ordered a third and final season of the sci-fi horror drama.

 “Tuca and Bertie”

This beautiful, hysterical and well-voiced animated series did not get its due from Netflix, as it was cancelled after only one season. After watching and loving the first season of “Tuca and Bertie,” I was extremely excited to see what creator Lisa Hanawalt had in store for the second season, but Netflix decided to take this away from me.

Netflix claimed that it was due to a low number of viewers, when they did very little to promote the show. I had not even heard of “Tuca and Bertie” before I saw it while scrolling through Netflix.

When Netflix has no trouble renewing terrible shows like “Insatiable” and “13 Reasons Why,” I was shocked that a truly enjoyable and important series was cancelled. While being comedically on-point and colorful, the show perfectly discusses important topics, especially that of sexual assault and what real friendship looks like.

“Tuca and Bertie” is great to watch when you are feeling down and need a good pick-me-up.