Mungano hosts open mic night

Story by Nathan Hills, Staff Writer

Mungano hosted an Open Mic Night on Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 8 p.m. in McKibbin Recital Hall. The event is a place for students to showcase any talent they possess that they would like to perform. This allows for students to express themselves through their talent, regardless of what it is.

“The purpose of Open Mic Night is to get people together and have a good time,” Myan Elrington, Mungano president, said, “Mungano is all about creating a family atmosphere and supporting everyone.”

Paul Ladipo, coordinator of inclusion & wellness education, said that the Open Mic Night is an opportunity for students to display their talents that may “take a backburner to school, family, athletics, etc.” Ladipo said that is event has been held in the past years by Mungano and seeks to allow students to showcase their talents to their peers. This night and its performances are done “all in the name of self-expression and entertaining others,” Ladipo said.

Mungano is the student run diversity organization at Baker University. The organization hosts events that support student diversity, inclusivity, support and awareness. The organization’s name originates from the Swahili phrase “Mungano Wa Wanafunzi Weuzi,” which means brothers and sisters united.

Grant Boehm, Mungano vice president, said that the event “went very well and people loved the performances. We as an inclusion and diversity [organization] on campus know that there are many talents and gifts that our students have and sometimes don’t get a chance to express.”

Elrington said the event “creates an avenue for people to be showcase their talents and artistry. It also creates an atmosphere for others to support them.” Students interested in Mungano can attend their next regular meeting on Nov. 19 in the Student Den at 8 p.m.