Sophomore Evelyn Roesner talks “Bakerazzi”


Leah Van Weelden

Sophomore Evelyn Roesner has started her own Instagram video series titled “Bakerazzi.” Roesner wants to highlight students on campus and help them to find the laughter in daily life.

“Bakerazzi” is an Instagram video series filmed and produced by Sophomore Evelyn Roesner and her friends. Roesner launched the first video on Aug. 31, and since then the account has reached almost 200 followers.

Members of Gen Z may remember the episode of Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” where the character of Robbie created a TMZ-inspired web show titled “Robarazzi”. While his show got a bad rep in “Victorious”, Baker University Sophomore Evelyn Roesner created her own show, inspired by “Robarazzi”, that has received positive attention from students on campus.

Her show, titled “Bakerazzi,” focuses less on gossip and more on showcasing Baker students and their interests. Each episode includes interviews and clips of students participating in various activities. These clips are then edited and compiled into one episode that is posted on the “Bakerazzi” Instagram page.

“It was… an idea I had one night at midnight while I was going to bed,” Roesner said. “I wanted to start ‘Bakerazzi’ because I just thought that there wasn’t… something like that out there, something less serious.”

Roesner features students all over campus on her show and explores many different topics and stories. Most of the content is lighthearted and fun, like highlighting students’ dance skills and getting their input on the Halloween season. However, Roesner also covers relevant news stories, such as the student protest against sexual assault and violence at The University of Kansas.

“I covered the protest because I wanted to raise awareness about an important issue… I was there with friends who encouraged me to use ‘Bakerazzi’ as a platform to do it,” Roesner said.

In addition to covering more serious topics, Roesner enjoys highlighting the Baker student body and showcasing their individuality and talents. Whether students are participating or watching from their phones, Roesner hopes the show is a source of laughter and happiness.

“[One of my goals is to] try to help people brighten their lives and find laughter through the stress of every day and college life,” Roesner said. “I’ve had people come up to me and say they enjoy [“Bakerazzi”] and it makes their day when I post, and that was my goal going into it. We all want to take a break once in a while and have fun.”

Roesner values student input and strives to make her show the best it can be. While she has a few friends assisting with its production, she would like to get even more students involved.

“I want to get the Baker student body’s input and [find out] what they want to see,” Roesner said. “Maybe getting other people involved and making more creative videos for fun.”

Sophomore Mercedes Ruiz and Freshman Aalia Khan are friends of Roesner who often help film and come up with ideas for the show

“Since ‘Bakerazzi’ isn’t tied to any organization, it gives both Evelyn and I the freedom to ask anything we want. It’s a chance to get away from the academic parts of college and just enjoy interactions with other Baker students…,” Ruiz said.

“I hope that… ‘Bakerazzi’ has a positive impact on students and that we’re just able to make them smile and laugh,” Khan said.

Roesner wants to keep “Bakerazzi” going to have memories to look back on after she and others graduate. She recognizes that these small moments in time will mean a lot after students are out of college and looking back at those formative years.

“My goal for ‘Bakerazzi’ is to try and show the student body in a positive way and show how people are all people and that we’re all going through similar things in college,” Roesner said. “It’s something I look forward to doing, and if people have a positive response to it, that’s just a plus.”