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“The Social Dilemma” presents varying outlooks on social media use

Story by Rebekah Nelson, Multimedia Editor

October 15, 2020

The Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma," shows the behind the scenes of social media and gives never before seen commentary on these apps from the designers themselves. From the creators of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the documentary drama served as a platform for their fears and regr...

Mental health and celebrities: The double standard that is our reality

Mental health and celebrities: The double standard that is our reality

Story by Rebekah Nelson, Graphic Design Editor

March 7, 2020

*Trigger warning* On Feb. 15, Caroline Flack unexpectedly died of suicide in her London apartment. Flack was the host for the UK reality TV show “Love Island," and was adored by many. noted Flack as “one of the UK’s most recognizable reality hosts,” with her Instagram following count standing at 2.7 million. Flack’s outer appearance was broadcasted to the masses, but few kne...

University Instagram account hacked

University Instagram account hacked

Story by Sydney Boaz, Staff Writer

February 19, 2019

To celebrate the ringing in of a new year, Baker University’s Instagram account surprised its followers with shocking pictures. As students began to report back to campus, the surprise posts gave the start of Interterm a light and comical tone. With one of the photos featuring a provocative image...