Adele’s “30:” A fantastic comeback


Will Hanson

On Nov. 19, singer Adele released her fourth studio album titled “30.” The album marks the singer’s first musical work since 2015.

After the five-plus-year hiatus is finally over, the 15-time Grammy winner, Adele Adkins, releases her newest album on November 19.  The album “30,” is inspired by a lot of different things, most specifically her recent divorce. Adele, age 33, is a star once again after the end of her musical hiatus. As the winter season arrives, this is the perfect album for late-night car rides or sitting by the fireplace.

I have to admit, when I heard Adele had an album dropping, my first thought was that it would just be another sad artist writing songs about life or a break-up. But “30” was more than that. Her album represents her journey through a breakup and serves as her own self-improvement project. It made me cry more than anything else, but most importantly, it gave me hope for life. Everything she talks about and expresses through her songs, opened my eyes to show me that life is worth living and that I will be okay in the end even when things go wrong. I admire Adele because of her dedication to the work she produces and how open-minded she is with the ideas and lyrics she puts together within her songs. They always have a strong meaning and I relate to her in some aspects.

Before listening to this album, I would not call myself an Adele fan. I listened to her songs, but I was not ever one to go see her in concert because her songs made me so sad and put me through mixed emotions. After listening to her new album, I would love to experience one of her concerts.

I liked the details and harmony she put into each song. I even did some research to see what each song was about and that helped me to understand more of what she was singing about. I wish she would have made more songs dedicated to self-growth because that’s a big thing in self-care. I really like “Easy on Me.” I enjoy the meaning behind it. She is talking about her divorce and why she and her ex-husband divorced. It’s sentimental to me to hear it from her perspective. I think overall, she made an album to be proud of and one that’ll stick around for a long time.

Since “30” was released, it has topped the week’s new music poll. Adele talks about different things in her album through each track. First, she talks about going through a divorce which was something she went through back in 2019. She then sings about self-care and the work she put into making her new music a part of her process of dealing with anxiety. She had anxiety attacks during the divorce and has found ways to cope with the anxiety since.

She has released a very solid album and I am so happy for her and can’t wait to hear more from her. She is a strong singer and her songs seem to always be impactful whether sad or any other type of song. I am glad she decided to come back after five years and open up more about her life.

I have to say, this album made me sad for Adele and changed how I felt about her from a couple of years ago. I felt like she was a good singer, but I just had no interest in becoming a true fan and listening to her music very often. Her voice is beautiful and she is so confident in how she sings. The harmony and vocals she shows in her albums give me goosebumps and chills.

The first song she released for the album had been one of the top hits for a few weeks before the full release. The first single, titled “Easy on Me”, is absolutely perfect. She hits every note and sings it with confidence. I continue to be amazed by all of the songs she has produced. I hope she continues to make more albums over the decades because she is so good at what she does.

If you have questioned whether or not to turn on her album, I would highly recommend dropping what you are doing and go for it. We don’t always know what’s going on inside a celebrities life so her being open and letting her fans know what she’s going through is so real and raw. I feel as though it is important for celebrities to be open because it gives the public more entail of what happens in their lives and that celebrities need just as much support as other people.

All in all, this album is truly amazing. If you are looking for a good crying session, this album will do that for you. She continues to make her mark in the music world and I can’t wait to see how far she goes with this album.