Kanye West loses business after anti-semitic remarks


Leah Van Weelden

Over the past few weeks, rapper Kanye West, or “Ye”, has been experiencing backlash as a result of his controversial statements.

In recent weeks, American rapper and business mogul Kanye West, or “Ye”, has been heavily criticized for his statements regarding the Jewish population. According to an article published by Time, West made claims that Jewish people were responsible for the termination of his social media accounts and that they were a powerful force in media. This is not the first time the rapper has made negative claims about a specific group of people, however, his non-sympathetic approach toward the Jewish community is what tipped the scale.

Over the last few years of West’s career, he has made a poor habit of abusing his platform to unveil his personal feelings towards others. West’s prior offensive statements towards the Black American population and his recent comments regarding the death of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man killed by law enforcement in the summer of 2020, have led to him being sued by Floyd’s family for defamation.

West is well aware of his status of fame as well as the impact he has on his fanbase, given that he has repeatedly bragged about his social status and large amounts of wealth. Not only does his arrogance put him in a bad position with the public, but his attempt at belittling the history behind these groups of people set a fire under the public, and West quickly faced well-deserved consequences.

On Oct. 24, Adidas, a well-known brand and business partner to West, announced the company’s ending of its partnership with West. Shortly after, other corporations began to close up their deal with West. The company had originally signed a 1.5 billion dollar deal with the rapper. Adidas posted a public statement on its website regarding this matter.

Reports from ESPN state that West’s Donda Academy has recently shut down its facility for the remainder of the school year due to his remarks and his sporting agency has also been affected because of this. Shortly after Adidas announced their contract termination with West, forward for the Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown announced his resignation from Donda Sports on Oct. 25.

West’s actions have also affected his net worth and overall personal wealth. Reports from CBS News as well as Forbes magazine display that West has endured a great deal of financial loss. As of Nov. 12, West’s net worth of two billion dollars has dropped to roughly $400 million.

Today, sportswear outlets are quickly ridding their stores of the Yeezy brand, and any other apparel associated with West. Footlocker is one of the recent shoe and sports apparel companies to end their partnership with Kanye West, calling for 3,000 of its locations to pull Yeezy clothing and shoes off the shelves.

West’s behavior and lack of accountability have resulted in the loss of not only revenue but also famous fellow friends, like singer and songwriter John Legend, who claimed West’s support of former president Donald Trump, was “too much to sustain a friendship”. This however came to be no surprise to media users who have observed West’s behavior. Before his anti-Semitic rant, West was known for his outrageous social media presence due to his paranoia about how he was being treated for his beliefs

Shortly after the beginning of his downfall, West’s demeanor on social media completely changed. He became more remorseful and apologetic for the disrespect he displayed over the last two weeks. Unfortunately, media consumers have grown tired of the rapper’s antics, and continue to ridicule his poor decisions. Before his fall, West never made efforts to express his apologetic side when he made unusual comments.

Kanye has recently gone public to apologize to the Jewish and African American community, admitting to his wrongs and the consequences he’s experienced because of this. Even after his statements, members of the communities he frequently disrespected continue to push for justice, by boycotting West’s products, along with addressing his behavior through their own social platforms.