IFC decision could change campus social life

College campuses around the nation are home to fraternity houses.

It is basically a given fact that part of the college experience is attending fraternity parties.

Each weekend, students will spend hours preparing for the fraternity parties, arrive at the house, have their fun and repeat the whole thing over again the next weekend.

Many students will attend the party whether they were invited or not. There may even be people at the party who don’t even attend the school.

College fraternity parties have been a pastime of college students for years, and will continue to be so.

The story is no different at Baker University.

On Monday, the Baker University Interfraternity Council hosted a meeting for representatives from the fraternities on campus to discuss issues concerning open parties.

The by-laws of the IFC Council, which each fraternity member must abide by, state that no open parties are allowed. This means that any person not a member of that fraternity and without an invitation cannot attend the party.

Because Baldwin City is a small town with not a lot to do, the weekend activities are fairly limited. Many students know what parties will be hosted at which fraternity house and choose to spend their Friday or Saturday nights at one of the fraternities.

Invitation or not, students will enter the party.

As a result of the meeting Tuesday, each fraternity is required to provide a guest list of the students who are allowed to come to the parties.

Whether or not the fraternity men will follow through with this newly enforced rule can only be seen with time.

Are the members of the chapter really going to take the time to think of each person they want at the party this weekend? If so, will they really take the time to check the guest list as each person enters?

The IFC Executive Board said there could be random checks by university administration or members of the IFC executive board to ensure the fraternity men are abiding by this rule during social events.

The rule has already been in place for a number of years and supposedly, the fraternities were aware of this rule.

If a ban on open parties has been in place and the fraternity men have not followed it up to this point, who’s to say they will make the change now?

The fraternity men from Kappa Sigma, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Zeta Chi and Delta Tau Delta agreed to commit to the rules in the IFC by-laws. They agreed to check ids at the door of the party and have agreed to ensure safety of their guests to the best of their ability.

This weekend, students planning on attending a fraternity party should make sure they’re on the guest list.

If they’re not on the guest list, but still get into the party, then we have the final verdict.