Mulvane construction set to begin

The next few months are going to be a bit hectic around Baker University, especially for those students and faculty that are constantly in and out of Mulvane Science Hall.

Because the building will soon undergo a $10.3 million dollar renovation and 9,000 square foot addition, things are going to start to be a little busy around campus.

The renovation and addition will happen while classes are still in session, meaning traditional science and math classes will have shortened labs next semester and will have to relocate to different parts of campus so the building can be updated.

But just because the chain link fence went up Tuesday, and just because some classrooms will have to move out of the building and into other, more non-traditional spaces, doesn’t mean things haven’t already been busy with this project.

Professor of Biology Darcy Russell, as well as other science and math faculty, have worked tirelessly for 10 years on the science-building project.

They have been busy.

Vice President of Advancement Lyn Lakin and her team in the advancement office have been busy raising $10.3 million for the project.

They have been busy.

University President Pat Long has been working with countless alumni and donors, talking to them about the university and about the Mulvane project.

She has been busy.

So many people have been busy with this project for so long, and the work will pay off when students, faculty and staff walk in the doors of Mulvane in August when the project is set to be complete.

So, while things will be busy and unconventional for the next 10 months, it will be worth it in the end.

The class of 2012 is just barely missing out on the chance to attend labs and classes in the renovated building, and they will be the last class in the history books of Baker to say they studied and worked in ‘old Mulvane.’

But while this chapter in time at Baker University is about to close and the class of 2012 has missed out on the chance to study and learn in the newly renovated and additional space, it means that the next chapter is about to begin.

It means that those who have been busy talking to donors, meeting with contractors and making plans are about to see months and years of planning come to fruition.

Baker University is lucky to have faculty and staff dedicated to furthering the education of the students in every way possible and that kept pressing for this renovation to finally occur.

We just have to keep the image of the new science hall in our minds as we attend classes in buildings around campus that have been kind enough to hand over rooms during this time of transition.