BU pride is spread across the university

At the volleyball game against MidAmerica Nazarene University Tuesday, the bleachers in Collins Center were filled and students stood along the court with the words “Baker Wildcats” painted on their chests.

Another group of students drove more than five hours to Hastings, Neb. to support the Baker men’s and women’s soccer teams in their games against Hastings College Tuesday.

Part of being a Baker University student is supporting others involved on campus. The new spirit program, designed by the athletic department in conjunction with the office of Student Life, called the Cat Pack, is a great way for students to support one another on campus, and it gives students the incentive to do so.

When students become involved in this new program, they will be given a t-shirt, and will be awarded points based on participation and support of events.

While attending athletic events are an important part of the college experience, members of the university should support other activities on campus such as Student Activities Council-sponsored events or shows put on by the music and theater department.

It is great to support the athletic programs at BU, but there are other programs students need to remember to support, too.

One group that has been receiving an outpour of support is the Baker Vniversity Lost Langvage Association, which has many students attend its melee events.

There are numerous ways to support the non-athletic activities on campus, and many times it is in a way that is more effortless than one may think.

When a group is handing out ribbons to support a specific philanthropy, don’t just take a ribbon, wear it.

If a club or organization on campus is hosting a fundraising dinner or activity, make an effort to go.

Even something as simple as picking up a copy of the Baker Orange or listening to KNBU-FM are ways to support students in the media program at Baker.

When students preforms during a music forum on Tuesday’s, go and support them. They spend just as many hours practicing for those events as the student-athletes on campus prepare for a game.

The average Baker student is involved in multiple organizations. And let’s give ourselves a little credit; most of the students at Baker are taking a large, rigorous course load.

But having school spirit is about being proud of all a university has to offer.

With more than 50 clubs on campus and the athletic programs, there are plenty of ways to show support and school spirit for Baker every day.