Stanbrough appreciates Baker communty’s support of sports teams

Story by Jenna

“Teamwork is the fuel that allows uncommon people to produce uncommon results.”

Baker University strives for student success and to develop confident and responsible contributors to society.

Of course, this success could not be achieved without the teamwork displayed by the faculty, staff and students.

Baker University is and should work as a team. Together, the entire population of the university works toward a common goal. Whether it is on the athletic field or in the classroom, it takes the combination of each and every person to create the uncommon result of success.

With almost half of the student population at Baker consisting of athletes, it is especially important for the student body to support each other.

While the women’s soccer team is ranked No. 16 in the nation and the football team is 2 – 0 on the season, it takes more than just the athletes on the field to seal the victory.

As my teammates and I warmed up for the Maple Leaf Invitational cross country meet Saturday, we were positive, energetic and eager to start the race.

As I looked around, I noticed we were also surrounded by encouraging fans.

The support of numerous classmates, faculty and staff members cheering us along the course throughout the race, and the congratulations afterward showed pride in BU athletics.

The men’s baseball team showed sportsmanship by running to the golf course to watch and support the cross country team.

This is the type of leadership and positive atmosphere that should be displayed at every athletic event at Baker.

Although both the Baker men and women’s cross country teams won the meet, it was not solely the athletes who helped lead BU to victory.

The numerous fans, athletes, students, teachers and parents created a team, worked together and ended in success.

Although the support of our athletic teams is great, there are always ways to improve.

Several students are enthusiastic about the student section at football games and they would love to have everybody chanting along with them.

After all, we are all part of the same team and in order to create that uncommon result, we must work together to fuel each other in a positive way.