Continuous closings cause student displeasure


Another restaurant in Baldwin City has closed its doors.

Wheat State Pizza is no longer serving slices to hungry students.

This leaves the community with one less place to eat in the already restaurant-barren town.

Restaurants in Baldwin City seem to close or change ownership on a regular basis.

The Melange Apron opened in fall 2009 and then closed. The restaurant then re-opened as the Rogue Wave, closed again and is now Feaster’s Bistro.

Another restaurant that did not stay in business long was the Happy Day Café, which opened in spring 2011 and closed in fall 2011. Daylight Espresso Café now occupies the space of the short-lived coffee-house.

Cordoba’s Family Restaurant is no longer Cordoba’s, but is now The Baldwin Diner.

Another beloved loss to students was Karaoke Night and pulled pork sandwiches when Hickory Creek Bar and Que closed.

Moni’s Seafood and Barbecue opened its doors recently, and has yet to have been touched by the unfortunate luck of many other restaurants that have tried, and failed, to succeed in Baldwin.

For Baker University students especially, this common recurrence is anything but good.

During the week, the lack of restaurants isn’t as big of a problem because there are other options for students, such as Allen Dining Hall and the Wildcat Café. Students who live in the apartments have the luxury of a kitchen and students in fraternity or sorority houses eat there. But where do students eat on the weekends?

Saturday the dining hall has limited hours and the Wildcat Café is not open. Sunday, the dining hall is closed.

There are some restaurants in Baldwin City, but for students, especially those from big cities, options always seem to be limited.

One could argue that Lawrence or Ottawa are just a 20-minute drive away, but not all students own cars or have the extra money to travel that far for a bite to eat.

It is sad to say good-bye to Wheat State Pizza, but hopefully another restaurant will soon occupy the building and be filled with students and members of the community.

Having more options and places to eat in Baldwin City is important to many students not only because restaurants serve as a place to eat, but they also serve as a place to get away from the mundane environment and routine of school and the cafeteria.

Local businesses are essential to the Baldwin City community because they are what make the town a friendly environment.

Being able to walk into a restaurant and be greeted with friends and familiar faces either working or eating is comforting and enjoyable.

With the recent loss and change of ownership of so many businesses, it’s hard to create that bond and sense of community that a small town like Baldwin City needs.