Golf team looks to keep improving as fall season comes to an end


Photo Courtesy of Baker Athletics

Senior Mia Tovkach is one of ten players on the Women’s roster this fall. Both Men and Women’s Golf treat the fall season as their “warmup”, and plan to continue their momentum this spring.

Fall season for Baker Golf is nearing the end as both teams look to finish the season on a strong note. The men’s team has one more event left and the women’s team has two left before going into the offseason.

So far, the Men’s team has placed second, third and fifth in their three events so far. They set a record for the team’s lowest round total since 2013 with 286 and broke it again the next day with a 284 team total. The women’s team has placed second and fifth in their events to start the season. Both teams have had standout golfers and multiple golfers placing in the top 10 in every event so far this season.

“We have been productive from a team standpoint and have had strong individual play overall to start the season,” Coach Chris Gilbert said. “We have been improving from event to event and working on cutting down on some mistakes and improving parts of our game.”

The teams are treating the fall season as a training season for improvement and to build confidence in both teams. Gilbert also explains that since the coaching staff is relatively new, with Coach Jordan Anderson being the only returning coach from last season, they need to see how the teams will stack up against the conference in the spring after a productive fall season.

Improving is the name of the game for Baker golf during the fall season and the players are working hard to compete in the spring. Senior Mia Tovkach hopes that both teams win one event before going into the offseason to get the teams confident and more focused so when the spring season starts the teams are mentally ready.

“It’s been going well, the weather has been great and our environment with the new coaching staff has been refreshing,” Tovkach said. “Everybody’s been putting in work every day to try and get better before the spring season.”

Both teams are putting in work to build off of the Fall Season to bring those improvements to the Spring. As noted before, the golf teams have had some coaching changes but that hasn’t hurt them, according to Senior Ryan Graves.

“We have a good group of guys who have bought into the culture and look ready to go for each tournament,” Senior Ryan Graves said. “I feel the team is headed in the right direction and we want to take the momentum from the fall season into the spring season.”

Both of the teams have bought into the new culture and are ready to compete at a high level when spring starts. Graves explains that the teams want to continue to build off the momentum of fall to “win a Conference Championship.”

Both teams are focusing on improving themselves with the last events of the fall season while focusing on their goal of winning the Heart of America Conference Championship in the Spring season. With a couple of events left for the women’s team and one event left for the men’s team, they look to place high and keep building momentum.

The women’s team will play in the Swedes Shootout in McPherson, Kan. on Oct. 17 and 18, without the men’s team. For the last event of the year, both teams will be competing in the Midwest Intercollegiate Invitational in Movaria, Iowa on Oct. 24 and 25.